Best Hair Transpalnt Centre in India

Get the perfect hair transplant surgery form the India's most popular clinic Metro Hair Transplant Centre with advanced methods at very low costs.

Why surgical hair restoration is in great demand in Punjab?


Hair loss is becoming the most common problem in Punjab due to modern and fast lifestyle. Busy and unhealthy life style becomes the most common reason for this problem. Late night working, alcohol consumption, eating poor diet, disturbed sleeping pattern is not only effect on your health but it also damages the hair follicles.

Digital hair and scalp analysis system

Correct diagnosis play important role for the success of treatment so the digital hair analysis with the help of USB adaptor make the surgeons very close to the root of problem. They can easily know about the scalp condition, hair quality and even the extent of problem so this system enables the patients to have best quality results in Punjab

Experienced surgeons

For the success of surgery, experience and skill of surgeon plays prominent role as hair restoration surgery need the expertise and efficient surgeon. In this city patients can approach for the masters of hair transplantation that give them the utmost satisfaction

Neo Graft FUE

This technique has made the FUE procedure less invasive and more result oriented. This FDA approved technique is used to extract the hair follicles from the donor part. With the use of these techniques more grafts can be extracted in less time. This extraction tool not only improve the speed but also improve the quality of follicles as it enable the surgeon to extract up to 98% follicles without damaging to the original tissue and scalp that is almost impossible in manual extraction.

Best price

Along with the unique set of benefits that can patients enjoy in Punjab, they can also get treatment at the justified hair transplant cost. As the advanced techniques are not only result oriented but also cost effective as these saves the time also so patients can get the best treatment in comparatively less cost. On an average basis Rs 30/- per graft cost patient can get the treatment without comprise the quality of treatment,

Therefore these all benefits that patients can enjoy in Punjab have raised the demand for hair transplant in Punjab.